Resonate 5.0

February 2022 / Vol. 05

Artificial intelligence and Robotics, AI in Astronomy, Healthcare, Military, Gaming and Automobiles and AI in the METAVERSE


Resonate 2.0

November 2020 / Vol. 02

Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Smart Cities, Block Chain, IoT in Supply Chain Management, Road Map & Projects, Research Papers, etc.

Resonate 4.0

December 2021 / Vol. 04

Cryptography, Cryptocurrency, Tech Times, Business Insights, Financial Bits, Electric Vehicles, etc.

Resonate 1.0

September 2020 / Vol. 01

Chandrayaan 2, Data Analytics for ML & Sports, Google Analytics, IBM Big Data & AI, Research Papers, Projects, etc.

Resonate 3.0

January 2020 / Vol. 03

History of FinTech, Digital Banking on the Rise, Platforms and the Offset, Bitcoins, Interactive Fun Section