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A moving Display !

check this link to see it in action

The inFORM system from Tangible Media Group at MIT might be the seeds of the next best thing. Developed by researchers Daniel Leithinger, Sean Follmer and Hiroshi Ishii, inFORM is a Dynamic Shape Display that can change shape on command to render 3D content in real time. Think of it as one of those executive pin toys that allow the user to imprint shapes onto a surface made out of hundreds of pins. Each pin can be moved up and down individually by actuators to create a topographical rendering of an object; any object!

A part of MIT’s vision for ‘Radical Atoms’, this kind of technology can have a multitude of applications including but not limited to; urban planning, CAD modelling, musical interfaces, and even helping blind children understand how the world feels because it is essentially an interactive kinetic sculpture.

The applications are only limited to your imagination.

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