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A quote by Nikola Tesla

Tesla always had an affinity with electricity. Perhaps this was because he was born during a lightning storm.

According to family legend, the midwife considered this a bad omen. She declared that the newborn would be a child of darkness. His mother replied “No. He will be a child of light.” I think that the quote above suggests that his mother was right.

Tesla clearly understood the energy of hate, too. This quote will resonate with those of us that believe that hate and love affect the universe as a whole. This powerful analogy shows the strength of hate. But Tesla knew that negative emotions would never power a peaceful world.

Passions or emotions can fire up enough energy to upset events. It is better to be able to deal with negative emotions and make them count in a positive way. Rather than allow your hate to be dominant, try and focus on making your love an umbrella above everything you do.

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