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Android Things to be shut down

Google will be terminating all operations for Android Things, a smart home AI that never gained significant traction.

Nothing but a minor dent in Google's otherwise long list of ambitious projects, android things was launched in 2015 as 'Brillo'.

In 2016, google in conjuncture with brillo launched android things which was likewise meant to run on products like connected speakers, security cameras, and routers.

By relying on Android, the OS was supposed to be familiar to developers and easy to get started with.

Initially, smart speakers and smart displays did come out using the underlying OS. It seemed no other companies were interested, because in February 2019, Google announced it was “refocusing” Android Things to cater specifically to smart speakers and smart displays.

Now two years later, it is going to be completely shut down. The Android Things Console, which lets developers push updates to their devices, will stop accepting new non-commercial projects starting January 5th, 2021.

Not really a good run for what seemed to be a promising project, particularly in the times where smart home technology is becoming more and more popular.





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