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Darwinian wisdom

Most of us are the victims of time: we do every day what we should do (or not), with no real plan of our own. Most of us are the victims of time instead of becoming the masters of our time. We don't know how to utilize our precious time properly.

Not so for geniuses and successful people. If there is one thing they all have in common, it is that they plan their day more carefully than the rest of us.

Could you find time each day that is otherwise wasted? Would your life improve if you could have an extra hour or two a day to devote to a worthwhile project? Is one hour a day that is wasted enough to learn something new and benefitial?

Darwin was right, so discover the value in your life by using your time more productively.

Is it something far beyond our control? In fact, no. While we cannot influence the flow of time, we still can get the most out of it. Becoming a wise time manager sometimes is similar to mastering a sorcery, but the results are worth the effort.


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