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Smart glasses by Facebook !

Facebook's smart glasses coming later this year, will be Ray - Bans.

The glasses won’t have a display, but Facebook’s Project Aria research unit is working on true AR glasses, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced during the opening keynote of its all-virtual Facebook Connect conference.

It’s not clear what features the device will have, but Facebook has confirmed to that the device will not be classified as an AR device, and it will not have an integrated display of any kind. That suggests they may be closer to something like Snap Spectacles or perhaps Amazon’s Echo Frames.

“We’re passionate about exploring devices that can give people better ways to connect with those closest to them. Wearables have the potential to do that. Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s vice president of the Reality Labs division, said in a statement.

With smart wearables designed to look like standard pieces of eyewear becoming more common in recent years, this particular field of technology could witness competition as more and more companies try to get into the smart wearables market.

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