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Vocal Shazam?!

Do you remember this song whose melody you know by heart, but you have no idea what its name is or who is the artist? This problem has been experienced by each of us – probably more than once.

Let us not forget, however, that we are in the 21st century and every now and then we are surprised by new, breaking down barriers, technological novelties. Just like a new feature from Google – hum to search.It is super simple and easy to do. You need to open the latest version of the Google mobile app or find the Google Search widget. Then, tap the microphone icon on the right side of the bar and say “what’s this song?” or click the “Search a song” button at the bottom of the screen and start humming, whistling, or singing for 10 to 15 seconds. That’s all.

Google argues that you don’t need perfect vocal skills for a feature to read a recording and search for a specific song on its basis, because you will be presented with a list of potential tracks that are the one you are looking for, not just one production as is currently the case in Shazam.



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