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Words of wisdom by Marie Curie

Marie Curie was a woman of virtue who knew the definition of fear. She was also a woman who flew past those fears and defined success for herself. Marie wanted to convey her understanding of fear to everyone so that they can help themselves too when their fear haunts them- you don't really have to fear anything, you just need to understand the roots of your fear and that’s how you overcome that fear.

Fears arise from misconceptions and lack of understanding of the situation. You can overcome your fear by rationalizing it. Even things that appear to be a hazard to you, need not be feared if you put in efforts to understand it.

When we don’t understand a concept/circumstance, we tend to leave it unattended thinking we will never be able to comprehend such a concept/circumstance. This unconsciously develops a fear inside your mind that if the same concept/circumstance appears infront of you later on in your life, your reflexes will immediately fail you. Therefore, the best solution to this problem is to understand things as life throws them in your direction.

Always believe in yourself and look at the world with an open’ll surely spot your success suppressing your fears.




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