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What are the benefits of IETE Student Forum?

  • Priority for publishing their papers in Journal of Education.

  • Can also subscribe for other publications such as IETE Journal of Research and IETE Technical Review (available online).

  • ISF students are welcome to attend IETE technical programs in India at reduced Regn. fees.

  • ISF member will be issued with an Identity Card.

What are our objectives?

  • 1. Improving standard of Engineering Education.

  • 2. Counseling the students in the emerging new opportunities.

  • 3. Encouraging and motivating the outside Classroom Studies / Workshops / Projects / Seminars.

  • 4. Increasing the student base and Corporate membership of IETE.

What are the type of activities we conduct?

  • Plan, organize Technical Programs, Special Lectures, Workshops, Seminars Symposia, exhibitions for the benefit of students.

  • Provide common platform for students to exchange of ideas in technical topics of interest, e.g., curriculum, employment, higher educational opportunities, emerging trends, etc.

  • Facilitate technical visits, project works, employment, contact with industries and academic institutions.

  • Encourage team spirit and self reliance among student members.

  • We work as a catalyst for the overall growth in technical and professional skills in young students.

What is the Registration Fees?

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