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The first gaming console!

The Channel F Video Entertainment System occupies an important place in video game history. It comprised several significant milestones in home console technology and culture but remains relatively unknown today! The Fairchild Channel F console was the first console to have games in form of cartridges! In 1974, Alpex Computer Corporation employees Wallace Kirschner and Lawrence Haskel developed a home video game prototype consisting of a base unit centered on an Intel 8080 microprocessor and interchangeable circuit boards containing ROM chips that could be plugged into the base unit. The duo attempted to interest several television manufacturers in the system, but were unsuccessful. After the unsuccessful attempt they contacted a buyer at Fairchild, which sent engineer Jerry Lawson to evaluate the system. Lawson was impressed by the system and suggested Fairchild license the technology, which the company did in January 1976! The controller provided with the console was a joystick without a base and could actually move in 8 directions! This started a new era of console gaming !

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