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6G Satellites now a reality

About a month ago, China successfully sent 13 satellites into orbit including the world's first sixth-generation (6G) communications test satellite.

The 6G test satellite weighs around 70 kg and will be used to verify the performance of 6G technology in space, and the 6G frequency band will expand from the 5G millimetre wave frequency to the terahertz frequency.

Terahertz is a kind of electromagnetic wave with a frequency range between microwave and infrared.

The technology is expected to be over 100 times faster than 5G, enabling lossless transmission in space to achieve long-distance communications. 

The launch of the 6G test satellite marks a breakthrough in the exploration of terahertz space communication technologies. The satellite will be used in smart city construction, disaster prevention and mitigation, land planning, environmental protection, and the monitoring of major infrastructure construction.

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